A Thousand Slimy Things and I
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Born by sheer accident into the family of a humble shepherd, Thorvald knows that he is destined for more than herding sheep and squabbling over copper coins with his six greedy elder brothers. Ignoring his brothers’ taunting and abuse, he dreams he will someday fight great battles and travel the earth defending the weak and conquering the forces of evil. The shadows of darkness will cower before his gaze.

Thorvald’s moment finally comes when tragedy descends on the kingdom. A horrible, giant, slimy sea serpent, know as the Stoorworm, rears its bloodthirsty snout on the shore demanding the king’s only daughter as a sacrifice. Ready to face his true destiny, Thorvald responds to the king’s plea for help and sets out to face the monster.  

Sucked into the monster’s slimy bowels, Thorvald is plunged into the nightmarish world of the creature’s disturbed soul, conveyed through a fusion of stop motion animation and computer-generated effects. Wandering in an abyss of darkness and doubt, he begins to question the boundaries of truth and falsehood. Transformed forever in ways he could never have imagined, he is forced to question whether true courage lies in the sword of a hero or the heart of a slimy thing…

Loosely inspired by a medieval Orkadian legend, this short film tells the tale of a lonely, lost soul searching for purpose and understanding in a hostile world.

Trailer and Synopsis