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Independent Work  

A Thousand Slimy Things and I TRAILER (2012)
Stop Motion, 2012 

A dark reinvention of a medieval Orkadian legend. An aspiring hero is swallowed by a sea monster and embarks on a journey that will force him to question whether true courage lies in the sword of a hero or the heart of a slimy thing.

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The Dreams of Kings TRAILER (2010)  
Stop Motion, 2010

A musical medieval fantasy about fighting for the crown, rising from the dead, and the victory of artistic vision over brute force. Seventeenth century songs reinterpreted by musical theatre actor Keith Jack express the characters' emotions and desires.

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King Richard and the Apple (2009) 

A king takes to magic spells to pass away the time and ends up in a battle of wills with the capricious magic apple that he has created. 

Stop Motion, 2:41 min
Shakespeare, Marlowe, and the Tree Nymph (2008)   

A precocious Tree Nymph discovers a volume of Elizabethan poetry in the forest. 

Stop Motion, 1:10 min
Stone Egg: Traditional Myth From the Isle of Ciris (2007) 

The tragic but inspiring tale of the birth of life on the Isle of Ciris. 

Stop Motion and Cell, 7:29min
The Burglar With the Yellow Hand TRAILER (2014)
Stop Motion, 2014

This darkly humorous stop motion short symbolically conveys a statement against the commercialisation of art through the dramatic battle between a burglar and a stolen painting. The film is silent and stylistically informed by early 20th century German Expressionism.

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