The Burglar With the Yellow Hand
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Set in the early 1900s, the story follows the fate of unlucky art burglar Conrad Lucas and the rebellious painting he unwittingly brings to his hidden lair. As the painting ferociously invades his familiar black-and-white world with vibrant color, Conrad is plunged into a nightmarish struggle for his sanity and identity, realizing too late that no future can be built on the ruins of a betrayed past.

Fusing the early 20th century aesthetic of Silent Era German Expressionist films and modern technology, this short film emphasizes the enduring impact of great art on our personal and historical future while celebrating the roots of cinema itself.

Dedicated to the works of art destroyed or lost during the 2013 looting of the Malawi National Museum in Egypt, this darkly humorous, symbolic, stop motion animated short film celebrates the idea of art vanquishing greed and corruption. 

Trailer and Synopsis